Five Reasons Why You Should Choose a Custom Wedding Dress

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose a Custom Wedding Dress

Close your eyes and think back to the first time you imagined your wedding day. Were you a little girl? Was that cute boy in your class the groom? Okay, now forget the guy...what did the dress look like?! From princess skirts and long veils to lace sleeves and open backs, it can be hard to choose “the one”. Online shopping and apps like Pinterest have made it easier than ever to plan a wedding via the internet. But aside from ordering the centerpieces and booking the caterer, you can also connect with a custom wedding dress designer to create the dress of your dreams.  

Reasons to Choose a Custom Wedding Dress

For many brides, the perfect dress is just as important as the perfect ring. It’s going to be in photos you’ll look at for years to come and serves as a memory of who you and your partner were as you launched into this new chapter of your lives together. Your dress should embody you fully, and you deserve to feel comfortable and luxurious on your big day.

Personal Experience

One-on-one collaboration with your custom wedding dress designer is sure to be a memorable part of your wedding planning experience. Anyone working in the bridal industry is going to be an asset to your planning all around. Not only do you get to see your dream gown come to life detail by detail, but you’ll likely also have a chance to gain valuable insights on other wedding topics. If you aren’t sure what shoe might look best with the skirt of your dress — ask your designer. Wondering about recommendations for bridal gown styles or where to find your fiance's tux — chances are, they’ll have some great referrals for you. 

Truly One-Of-A-Kind

Most designers will offer a bridal lookbook for you to draw inspiration from as you begin working together on your custom gown. You’ll be able to choose a skirt style, hemline, straps or sleeves, and options such as cape sleeves or various colors of silk lining. But to really make it your own, a custom gown designer will even add special additions to truly make your dress unique to you. If you loved your mother’s gown but it just wasn't your style, consider adding elements of her gown to your dress or veil. One client of Sansarc Culture couldn’t decide what she loved more — turquoise or seashells, so she had both added to her custom wedding gown! With a custom design, no one will ever wear another dress exactly like yours.

Perfect Fit

When working with a designer to create your dream dress, you’ll receive a gown that is perfectly tailored to your form. Now, unless you’ve already accounted for shoe height or perhaps a little weight gain or loss (hey, it happens!), you’ll likely need to find an alterations specialist to make minor adjustments. But when you buy a gown off the rack or online, you never quite know how it’s going to fit, and you might need several appointments with an alterations specialist to get it just right. 

"Bridal gown alterations can offer a surprise to both your timeline and budget! Booking an alterations appointment well in advance, providing accurate measurements, and opting for a custom-created gown can help you avoid these last-minute expenses and stressors." 

— Shawna Ziegenbein, Designer/Owner of Sansarc Culture

If you’ve ever shopped online for clothing, you’ve probably discovered that all designers tend to have a different standard for sizing. The same is true for gowns, and all of those alterations can really add up in price! When you work closely with your designer, you’ll both be looking at the same tape measure, and the gown will be made to hug your body perfectly. 

The Price Is Right

It used to be that custom wedding dresses were a luxury reserved for only those with exorbitant budgets, but it’s much more affordable than you might think. Upscale wedding boutiques are tacking on their overhead to the price of your gown, and most of them are buying dresses in quantity from overseas. Sometimes the fabrics are not what the salesperson is telling you they are, and we’re all well aware of the negative impact of fast fashion. Buying a custom wedding dress means you choose your materials and trust that you are getting what you pay for.

Support a Small Business

Choosing a custom wedding dress means you are working with someone who will design the gown, cut the fabric, and stitch every detail, often adding special elements by hand. It’s a time-consuming process, meaning that only a certain amount of wedding gowns can be made at a time, so each one is given extra special attention and care. Supporting small businesses means you are supporting someone’s dream and helping them elevate their craft. 

How to Get Started

Sansarc Culture offers custom wedding gown creation so you can dance the night away in a dress just as unique as you. The Ritual collection of bridal gowns showcases four styles with varying elements that can be customized to your preference. Mix and match elements to find your style, or let’s create something completely new! Whatever you have in mind can be created and tailored to fit your perfect form. To get started, peruse my look book and take your measurements. Then, reach out to schedule a consultation. Let the wedding planning begin!

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